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Grand Summoners Maintenance Update: Halloween!

2020.10.22 10:29 thascout Grand Summoners Maintenance Update: Halloween!

Grand Summoners Maintenance Update: Halloween!
Hey Summoners,
Forte's on her way out, as it's now time to make way for the Halloween event! We have a new unit, a raid return, and a couple banners on our hands this week, so let's check it out!
Also, this update will be overlapping Forte's banner, so you'll still have a few days to grab her from banners if you wanted to.
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Bullet Hell Roy (Fire, Human):
Stats Level 90 Max Tasmon Equipment Slots
HP 6850 +999 5* Physical
ATK 2777 +426 5* Magical
DEF 2321 +358 4* Physical

Bullet Hell Roy
Skill: 3600% Fire DMG (Physical). Increase own Arts by 20. Invulnerable to DMG during Skill. 8s CT, 500 Break
Arts: 12500% Fire DMG (Physical). Reduce enemies' Fire Resistance by 30% for 15s. Increase own Arts by 50.
True Arts: 50000% Fire DMG (Physical). Increases Fire Allies' DMG by 120% for 20s. Ignore enemies' DEF by 100%.
  • Increase own DMG to non-boss enemies under 30% HP by 300%.
  • DMG 50% up when in Break.
  • If Roy's Skill invalidates DMG, increase Arts DMG by 50% for 9s after Skill has finished.
Awakening Materials:
2x Fragment of Flogassa (Phoenix).
1x Fragment of Fosradeus (Light Dragon).

True Weapon- True "SV61" (5* Physical):
6400% Fire DMG (Physical). Increase own Skill DMG and Skill CT Recovery by 50% for 8 seconds. 30s CT, 1000 Break
  • When equipped by Bullet Hell Roy, increase stats by 20% and Skill DMG by 50%.
  • Increase Physical DMG by 20%.

Thoughts on Bullet Hell Roy:
"What do you get when you cross a C-tier unit with a player base that abandons him and treats him like trash? YOU GET WHAT YOU F--" -Fire Roy, probably (credits to Mai Waifu)
Fire Roy finally made the trek over from JP to GL, and he brought some buffs alongside him!
If you haven't noticed by now, FRoy is kind of a weird unit. Sure, he seems pretty geared up for devastating his opponents with some insane DMG buffs and multipliers, and his slots are actually somewhat decent for his role, but there's still something off...
As many have noted within the community, this buffed Froy is basically just going to be on-par with Fubuki in terms of nuke support, without the versatility. On the other hand though, the elemental buff will often work more in his favor, as Fire is a pretty solid nuking element, and there are tons of units that would benefit immensely from the raw support that Froy brings to the table.
Now, what's weird about him is how Froy almost pivots into an actual DPS unit, touting some crazy art generation via his skill, and a niche, but solid, DEF ignore passive on his True Arts. No, he's not quite as good as Orvell, but he is a bit faster than him and actually has some goddamn self-sufficiency in his kit, so he might see some odd use in DEF ignoring stages on occasion.
Froy isn't necessarily enough to completely shake up the nuking meta yet again, but he'll definitely make a positive impact on it, and might be worth chasing if you have a decent crew of Fire baddies.
Personal Rating: A tier.

HeroFest Absolute: Halloween Inferno

Units from left to right: Dark Marzex, Dark Zeorg, Fire Roy, Earth Mira, Weaver
At first glance, this is a pretty great banner! Get excited if you're missing a few of these units!
Dark Marzex is up first, and well, it's tough to say how good he really is. His slots are absolutely amazing, and I might even consider them the best in the game (5/5/5 M/M/S), but his kit is kiiiiinda lame. He starts out with a lot of HP and slowly loses it as the fight goes on, making him ideal for shorter stages. His Arts and True Arts are basically just standard DPS options for him, which is a shame, because regular Marzex does the exact same thing, but his kit is leagues better due to the fact that it's more gimmicky and built around sustain.
Dark Zeorg is up next. He's decent enough on his own, as most of the tanks in the game are, but he's incredibly outclassed, given just how much competition exists right now (and Eagle isn't even here yet lol). He's more damage oriented than the other tanks, but why on earth would you even need your tank to be dealing damage in the first place?! Even in a Dark nuking meta, with the unholy trinity acting as a quintessential base for most nukes, Deorg really has no place on a nuking team comp unless you're missing one of the trinity and/or your fourth option is somehow worse than him. Basically, Gerald, Celia, Thetis, and even Naofumi are just going to be much better options in general.
Fire Roy was discussed above. TL;DR- He's good with Fire nukes, and might even be a decent standalone DPS unit in VERY selective situations.
Earth Mira makes yet another appearance on a HF banner, and well, y'all probably know how good she is. The Earth meta has since came and left, but even still, Emira paired with Fen, Norn, and likely some DPS unit like Riviera or even Cestina will be able to conquer most of the content in the game. She offers considerable damage support and passive Art gain, along with a sizable DMG barrier and even healing! Her slots are absolutely amazing for her role, and her only real flaw is that there are generally better options than the Earth Trinity nowadays.
Finally we have Roy II to round things out, making an appearance alongside Roy III, of course (not counting MH Roy, btw).
Weaver is amazing. Everyone knows this by now. Sure, his kit is a slightly watered-down (HAH) version of Cestina's kit, but Water synergies and his slots really keep him viable, even today. He brings consistent, instant teamwide Arts Gen alongside the most optimal 5/5/4 slots, and is just an all-around great unit to have.
The Verdict: Yeah, I might have sung some high praises about some of these units, but the simple truth is, even this banner might be skippable. Here are some things to look out for:
  • Missing Froy, like fire nuking, and think he'll make a good addition to your team?: Go ahead and pull once
  • Missing Weaver and don't have many viable Art Gen units?: Go ahead and pull once
  • Missing Weaver and Emira?: Go ahead and pull once
  • Missing Emira and want to make Mono-Earth work for some reason?: She comes back pretty frequently, but go ahead and pull once, I guess.

HF Halloween: The Great Awakening

True Equips from left to right: Vengeance, Exceed Zechs, SV61, Izanagi
GL just knows the way into every veteran's heart: Putting True Exceed and Iza on the same banner <3
Basically, this banner is amazing, as are most banners with both the "best" Magic and Physical equip in the game. Best is, of course, subjective, but it's hard to deny just how great Izanagi and Exceed Zechs are in general.
Vengeance is meh. 40% DMG up to God units isn't really bad per se, but the problem is, there aren't many God units hell-bent on nuking things. And no, Mono-God comps aren't a thing either.
SV61 is also pretty meh. It doesn't synergize well with Froy's kit, and Skill CT Recovery is pretty niche in general anyway. Pass.
The Verdict: If you have less than 2 copies of both True Izanagi and Exceed Zechs (true or not), do yourself a favor and pull. They're amazing equips, and if you do manage to get them, you'll be ballin' for a bit. Otherwise, pass. There will be better banners to get a Rainbow Gem from.

Halloween Equips

Equips from left to right: Leone Smock, Thetis Hat, Duke Jacket, Riviera Cheer, Rosetta Jiangshi, Berwick Garb
Despite the pictured equips being pretty awful for the most part (Rivi Cheer and Berwick Garb being notable exceptions), this banner is still pretty great.
As always, this banner contains every single Halloween equip to date, meaning equips like Feena Wings, Rayas Rapier, and Mira Hood are all coming back as well. Nothing game-changing here like Fen Shorts, but still worth at least one summon, assuming you have the crystals to pull.
The Verdict: If you have like 100+ crystals, go ahead and pull once here.


Also, the Halloween event seems to be missing? Might be added later tho, we'll see. Shame if they don't, Jack-o-Sherum's Boots and Jack-o-penst are both solid items worth farming.

Halloween Raid

I, uh, really don't understand this boss's mechanics. Apparently he's pretty similar to his GB version, and doesn't seem too tough. The Discord has a great write-up of what he does though, be sure to check it out here.

Login Bonus
We have a new login bonus. It's kinda small, but a lucky gem, some LB stones and 30 crystals isn't too bad.
As always, this post will be updated as new information rolls in, and please let me know down below if you spot any mistakes above!
Thanks for reading, good luck summoning,
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2020.08.29 18:15 DelusionalMuffin Vis turistički vodič / Vis tourist guide

Vis turistički vodič / Vis tourist guide

Ove godine sam se s momkom zaputila na otok Vis i vidjela sam da ima jako puno pitanja ove godine, kao i prijašnjih o tome što se najviše isplati vidjeti, a da nekada nije sve u potpunosti odgovoreno. S obzirom na to da mi je bilo jako lijepo, odlučila sam natipkati svoja turistička iskustva na prekrasnom otoku Visu na oba jezika da možda u budućnosti to pomogne i nekom strancu.
This year I visited Vis island with my boyfriend. I noticed there are a lot of questions from people wanting to go there and not all were answered. Because I had such a lovely time I've decided to type out all of my experiences from one tourist to another. I did it both in Croatian and in English so foreigners can find info as well.
Na otok Vis najlakše se dođe trajektom iz Splita (ljeti vozi i trajekt iz Ancone na Vis). Trajekt na relaciji plovi 3 puta dnevno. Također, može se doći i katamaranom koji plovi jednom dnevno. Ukoliko na otok idete autom, moja preporuka je da kupite kartu online nekoliko dana ranije (pogotovo ako je srce sezone). To vam je ujedno i rezervacija i iz mog iskustva nitko vam ne može uzeti to mjesto, ne trebate stati u red satima ranije, već slobodno stanete sat vremena prije. Mi smo išli autom, tako da nisam sigurna kako je samo za putnike, ali mislim da u tom slučaju nema potrebe toliko ranije kupovati kartu. Trajekt kojim se vozite se zove Petar Hektorović i polazi s mjesta označenog na slici ispod. Vožnja traje cca 2 i pol sata i stižete direktno u mjesto Vis.
On the island of Vis you can arrive by ferry from Split (in the summer there is also a ferry line from Ancona). The ferry sails three times a day and you can also take a catamaran which sales once a day. If you are going in a car I would suggest buying a ticket online at least a few days earlier (especially if you are going in the heart of the season). The ticket is a reservation and from my experience, nobody can take your place, you don't need to arrive hours earlier and stand in the line. You can get there about an hour early. We went with a car so I'm not sure what it's like for passengers but I do believe there is no need to buy a ticket that early. The ferry is called Petar Hektorović and it departures from the spot marked in the picture below. The ferry ride takes around 2 and a half hours and you arrive directly in Vis.

Smještaj / Accomodation

Što se tiče smještaja možete birati između nekoliko lokacija na otoku Visu, s tim da su najpopularniji Vis i Komiža. Mi smo bili smješteni na Komiži koja je povezana Visom brzom cestom (cca 15ak minuta vožnje), a također vozi i mini bus na toj relaciji. Komiža je inače poznata kao ribarska lokacija na Visu. Jako mi se svidjela. :) Prepuna je starinskih kućica u kamenu koje daju cijelom mjestu nekakvu posebnu atmosferu. Gušt je prošetati se navečer rivom, otići na mol i gledati brodiće kako se pijano njišu. Ukoliko više volite tako nekakav starinski štih, svakako preporučam Komižu. Samo mjesto Vis mi se činilo modernije uređeno, iako se tamo zapravo mogu naći rimski ostatci, ali o tome malo kasnije.
Accommodation can be found in several locations. The most popular places to be in are Vis and Komiža. We rented apartments in Komiža which is connected to Vis via fast road (circa 15ish minutes). There is also a small bus which drives from Vis to Komiža and vice versa. Komiža is generally known as a fisherman location. I very much enjoyed it. :) It's full of rustic houses made out of stone which give the entire place a special atmosphere. It's a real pleasure to take a walk in the evening alongside the promenade, go to the pier and look at various ships swinging as if they were a little drunk. If you like this type of rustic architecture, I recommend Komiža. Vis by itself seems to me as if the architecture is a bit more modern, even though roman remnants can be found there. But I'll talk about that a little later.
Smještaj možete još naći u mjestima na jugu otoka - Milna i Rukavac. Uvala Milna je prepuna lijepih velikih vila i rentanje je dosta skuplje nego na drugim dijelovima otoka. Naravno, za tu cijenu dosta dobijete (odmah ste uz plažu, prekrasan pogled, skroz opremljeni apartmani), ali je za one dubljeg džepa. Generalno, u Milni se lijepo i kupati, a preko puta se nalazi nekoliko manjih otoka. Rukavac ima veliki izbor apartmana. Iako ne nudi sadržaj kao Komiža ili Vis, jedna od glavnih pluseva za smještaj u Rukavcu je blizina dosta dobrih plaža.
Accommodation can also be found in the south of the island, in Milna and Rukavac. Cove Milna is filled with beautiful villas and renting is a bit more expensive than in the other parts of the island. Of course, for that price, they offer a lot (such as closeness to the beaches, beautiful view, fully equipped apartments) but it's for those with a deeper pocket. Rukavac also has a lot of apartments to offer. Even though it doesn't offer as much as content such as Komiža or Vis, one of the biggest pluses for choosing accommodation in Rukavac is the closeness of a lot of good beaches.
Na cijelom otoku postoje dva hotela, jedan u Visu, a drugi u Komiži. Ovaj u Komiži se zove Biševo i ne bih ga preporučila s obzirom da mu hitno treba renovacija. Drugi se zove Issa i smješten je u blizni Visa te je blizu raznih plažica na kojima ima borova i hlada. Dosta je lijepo uređen, moderniji, a samim time i skuplji od Biševa kao i smještaja u apartmanima.
There are two hotels on the entire island, one in Vis, and the other one in Komiža. The one in Komiža is called Biševo and I wouldn't recommend it since it desperately needs a renovation. The other one is called Issa and it is situated near Vis. There are a lot of little beaches near it which are surrounded by pines that provide a decent amount of shadows. This hotel is nicely decorated, more modern and naturally more expensive than Biševo and accommodation you can get in apartments.

Plaže / Beaches

Plaže su jedan od najbitnijih faktora svakog ljetovanja na Jadranu, a Vis ih nudi jako, jako puno! Ima jako puno uvala i uvalica po cijelom otoku i do nekih plaža se treba zbilja namučiti da se dođe, dok su druge pristupačne samo brodom. Mi ih nažalost nismo uspjeli sve vidjeti i posjetiti, ali mogu izdvojiti one koje su nam baš zapale za oko i koje su između ostalog dosta popularne.
Beaches are one of the most important factors for those spending summer in Adriatic sea. Vis offers a lot and I do mean a lot of beaches. There are a lot of big and small coves on the entire island. To get to some beaches you really have to put in some effort while some are approachable only by boat. Unfortunately, we didn't manage to visit and see all beaches, but I will talk about the ones that are special and most popular.

Srebrena je plaža locirana kod Rukavca i mnogima je omiljena plaža na Visu. Dobila je ime zapravo po srebrnom sjaju oblutaka pod mjesečinom. Oblutci su zapravo neobično veliki, ako se usporede s onima na ostalim viškim šljunčanim plažama. Okružena je borovom šumom, ima jako puno hlada i popularni je izbor za obitelji s malom djecom. Kod plaže postoji parking od kojeg vam treba 5 minuta do same plaže.
Srebrna (cro. silver) is a beach located near Rukavac and it is one of the favourite beaches to many on Vis. It got its name because of the silver reflection of pebbles under the moonlight. Pebbles are actually quite large and if you compare them to the other Vis beaches. It is surrounded by pines that provide a lot of shadows. It's a popular choice for families with children. There is a parking near the beach and from there you need around 5 minutes of walking to the beach itself.

Stončica je smještena na istočnoj strani otoka u istomenoj uvali. Osim restorana i kafića postoji i igralište za odbojku na pijesku. Sama plaža je šljunčana. Nama se nije posebno svidjela jer je u tom trenutku u uvali bilo usidreno dosta brodova, ali plaža kao plaža je fora jer nudi sadržaj koje ostale ne.
Stončica is situated on the easter side of the island in the cove of the same name. Besides a restaurant and a bar, there is also a beach volleyball court. The beach is filled with pebbles. We didn't particularly like it because we were there when a lot of boats were anchored there. But the beach by itself is cool because it offers something the rest of them don't.

Stiniva je proglašena najljepšom plažom Europe 2016. godine, tako da ju se svakako isplati posjetiti. Uvala je smještena na južnoj strani otoka i krase ju visoke stjene po kojima je i postala poznata. Može joj se pristupiti s kopna, ali spremite se na dosta strmi poljski spust od 20 do 30 minuta. U nekim situacijama smo morali malo i zastati da vidimo kako bi se uopće najbolje i spustili. Za one koji nisu spremni za ovakve avanture postoje razni izleti brodom koji dolaze u uvalicu. Na plaži postoji kafić koji nudi razna pića, pa i nešto za prigristi. Iako nema nikakvog drveća koje bi pružilo hlad, zbog visokih stijena uvijek ima jedan dio plaže prirodni hlad. Ukoliko se nađete na Visu, ovo je jedna od plaža koju svakako preporučam. Jednostavno je prekrasna i unikatna.
Stiniva was declared as the most beautiful beach in Europe in 2016, so it is definitely worth a visit. The cove is situated on the south side of the island and it became popular because of the tall and beautiful cliffs. You can approach it by foot on land but be prepared for a really steep descent on a field road that lasts for about 20-30 minutes. In some situations, we had to take a little break to see which way is even the safest/best to climb down. For those who are not comfortable with such adventures, there are a lot of boat trips that arrive in the cove. On the beach, there is a bar that offers a variety of drinks and even some snacks. Even though there is no shadow from the trees, because of the tall cliffs there is always one part of the beach that is in the shadow. If you find your way to Vis, this is definitely one of the beaches I recommend. It's simply stunning and unique.

Komiške plaže / Komižan beaches

Najbliže plaže centru Komiže su Gusrica i Kamenice. Gusarica je relativno mala plaža smještena ispod hotela Biševo. Radi se zapravo o jednostavnoj šljunčanoj plaži, koju najviše spominjem zato što je jedna od glavnih lokacija za brčkanje u Komiži. Druga plaža u Komiži zove se Kamenice. Preko dana je tu šljunčana plaža s beach barom, a kad padne mrak se plaža pretvara u noćni klub. Nismo išli u klub ove godine jer je zbilja bilo puno ljudi, a veći gušt nam je bilo šetuckati po rivi.
Gusarica and Kamenice are two beaches close to the centre of Komiža. Gusarica is a relatively small beach situated under the hotel Biševo. It's actually a simple pebble beach which I'm mentioning mostly because it's one of the main locations for taking a swim in Komiža. The other beach nearest to the Komiža centre is Kamenice. During the day it's a pebble beach with a beach bar, but during the night it's actually a club/disco. We didn't really visit it during the night because there was a lot of people and we simply preferred to take a walk alongside the seafront.
Ima još nekoliko plaža u blizini Komiže, ali ili su dostupne strmim poljskim stazama ili im se može prići samo brodom. Neke koje smo posjetili su Templuž (FKK) i Pizdica. Pizdica je fora, osim zbog imena i zbog toga što se tamo nalaze izvori pitke vode. Preporučam da za ove plaže iznajmite kajake i odveslate ili platiti taksi brod (5 minuta vožnje) do njih jer je zbilja najbolji način za prilazak.
There are a few more beaches near Komiža but they are approachable either by steep descents or you can get there only by boat. Some we visited are Templuž (FKK) and Pizdica (cro. little pussy). Pizdica is neat because of the funny name it has and because it has springs of drinking water. I recommend to either rent a kayak and paddle there or pay for a taxi boat (5-minute ride) to get there because accessing them via seaside is just a better option.

Bili Bok (FKK)
Kako i stoji u podnaslovu, Bili bok je nudistička plaža. Ukoliko vas ta vrsta aktivnosti odbija, ovo definitivno nije plaža za vas. Međutim, iako dečko i ja inače nismo nudisti, ovo nam je definitivno bila najdraža plaža na Visu, ne zato što je nudistička, ali i to ima prednosti - jedna od kojih je zasigurno što nema puno ljudi, nikada. Zbilja je za odmoriti se od svega. Plaža je smještena u blizini Rukavca, lako se dođe autom i parkira u blizini. Od parkinga do plaže treba par minuta hoda. Bili bok je karakterističan po tome što je to plaža samo u stijenama, nema tipičan šljunčani ulaz, već je more odmah duboko i zapravo možete skočiti u dubinu. Ovakvu boju mora, nisam nikad vidjela, plivate okruženi ribicama koje vas se ne boje jer ih tamo malo tko lovi. U moru možete običi uvalicu i vidjeti fora stijene na koje se možete čak popeti i skakati s veće uzvisine. Jednostavno prekrasno. Plaža doduše ima jedan nedostatak - do kasnijih popodnevnih sati nema baš hlada.
As stated in the subtitle, Bili bok is a nudist beach. If you're not into that kind of things, this surely isn't a beach for you. Even though my boyfriend and I are not nudists, this was definitely our favourite beach on Vis. It has nothing to do with it being nudist, but that has its own advantages - there are almost no people there, ever. You can really rest and get away from the crowds. The beach is situated near Rukavac. You can easily access it by car and park in the nearby with only a couple of minutes of walk to get to the beach itself. The beach is characteristics because it's basically in rocks, there is no typical pebble-like entrance and the sea is immediately deep (no shallow entrance at all) and you can just jump inside. This shades of the sea I've never seen. You swim surrounded by little fishes which aren't afraid of you because almost nobody fishes there. While inside the sea you can swim around the cove see some cool rocks on which you can even climb and jump from higher ground. The beach is just beautiful. The only disadvantage is that there are almost no shadows until later afternoon.

Ostale plaže / Other beaches

Ima još pregršt plaža na Visu i po okolnim otocima, samo nismo imali kad posjetiti sve. Neke koje bih još predložila i spomenula su Tepluš, u Rukavcu. Lijepa plaža s kafićem, lijepim šljunčanim ulazom i stijenama za skakanje. Nalazi se u blizini Bilog boka. Pritišćina je još jedna lijepa plaža koja se sastoji od lijepe, netipične uvalice. Već sam spomenula Milnu kao mjesto i uvalu. Plaža u Milni je karakteristična po tome što se jako dugo proteže plićak pa je zgodna za piciginaše.
There are a bunch of other beaches on Vis and on the close-by islands, we just didn't have time to visit them all. Some others I would recommend visiting are Tepluš in Rukavac. It's a really nice beach with a beach bar, nice pebble entrance and rocks from which you can jump. It's located near Bili bok. Pritišćina is another pretty beach which has an unusual nice cove. I already mentioned Milna and Milna cove. The beach is characteristic because it has the shallow sea for a while so it's pretty convenient for those who like to play picigin.

Izleti / Trips
Na Visu valja posjetiti neke stvari. Ima jako puno turističkih agencija koje nude razne programe i izlete. Najpopularniji je, s punim pravom, izlet u Modru špilju. Postoje dvije varijacije ovog izleta. Prvi je da se s brodom doveze na Biševo, pogledate Modru špilju i onda idete nazad na Vis. Druga opcija je da odete na Biševo, pogledate Modru špilju i onda odete na plažu na Biševu koja se zove Porat. Porat je lijepa pješčana plaža gdje možete uživati u kristalno čistom moru i nekoliko restorana. Zbog svakodnevnih izleta i velike količine turista zna se zagužvati na plaži.
There are some trips you should make while on Vis. A lot of tourist agencies offer various programs and trips. One of the most popular ones is a trip to the Blue cave. There are two variations of this trip. First one is going to the island of Biševo, visiting the Blue cave and then going back to Vis. Or you can go to Biševo, visit the Blue cave and then go to the beach on Biševo which is called Porat. Porat is a pretty sandy beach where you can enjoy crystal clear sea and few restaurants. Because of the every-day trips and a big amount of tourists it can be a bit crowdy on the beach.
Drugi najpopularniji izlet u ponudi je izlet brodom oko otoka. Ovisno o agenciji staje se u razne uvale u kojim se onda ima neko vrijeme za kupanje. Najčešće se ide u uvalu Stiniva i na otok Budikovac gdje se nalazi plaža zvana Plava laguna i jednostavno je prekrasna. Ti izleti imaju varijacije i sigurno možete naći nešto što vam baš odgovara. Također su popularni i izleti na Palagružu i Jabuku, a postoji i tzv. "military tour" jer je Vis zapravo od 1944. do 1992. bio vojna baza. Sad je to turistička atrakcija. Osobno me to nije zanimalo, pa nisam ni išla, ali za one koja takva tematika zanima bi izlet mogao biti zanimljiv. Na otoku se još mogu vidjeti razne stare utvrde i utvrdice, u samom Visu rimske terme i teatar. To ne čudi s obzirom na to da Vis ima bogatu povijest koja seže još u starogrčka naseljavanja.
The second most popular trip you can find on Vis is a trip with a boat around the island. Depending on the agency, you make a stop in various coves around the island where you can take a swim. Most common ones are Stiniva cove and island called Budikovac. On Budikovac you can find a beach called Blue lagoon and it is stunning. These trips have a lot of variety and I'm sure everyone can find something that suits them. Trips to Palagruža island and Jabuka island (the smallest island in Croatia) are also popular. One other tour Vis has to offer is a military tour. Vis was a military base from 1944 to 1992 and now these military locations are turned into a tourist attraction. Personally I'm not into that kind of stuff so I didn't go to this trip but for those who are interested in military stuff, this would be great. On the island, you can find a lot of old forts and fortresses and in Vis you can also see roman therms and theatre. This isn't a surprise since Vis has a rich history that dates all the way to Greek colonization.

Modra špilja / Blue cave
Modra špilja je zapravo jedan od razloga zbog kojeg smo išli na Vis. Meni je to izgledalo apsolutno fantastično i morala sam ići vidjeti. :) Naš izlet je izgledao tako da smo se ukrcali na brod, odvezli do Biševa, iskrcali i stali u red za posjet špilji. Kad dođete na red, ukrcavate se u manji brod, dođete do destinacije i uživate. :) Naučite malo o otkriću špilje, ulazima, reflekciji sunčevih zraka koje čine špilju modrom i slično. Voljela bih da smo se zadržali unutra dulje, ali voljela bih i da smo se mogli okupati jer zbilja izgleda prekrasno. Također, zbog te reflekcije kad stavite ruku u more ona izgleda srebrnkasto, pa tako i generalno sve uronjeno. Ovakvih prirodnih ljepota zbilja nema svuda, a špilja opravdava svoju popularnost. Htjela sam i opet ići.
Blue cave is one of the reasons we actually went to Vis. To me, this natural occurrence looks absolutely fantastic and I just had to see it. :) Our trip started in Komiža by boarding on a boat, going to Biševo island. We departed the ship, waited in line to go to another smaller ship which took us to the destination. You learn a bit about the finding of the cave, entrances, reflection of the sunbeams that make the cave blue and similar. I would wish we were able to stay inside longer but then again I also wish we could have taken a swim inside because it really looks beautiful. Also, because of the reflection in the cave, if you put your hand inside the sea (or any object really) it will look silverish. This kind of natural beauties cannot be found just anywhere and it's clear why the cave is so popular. I wanted to go again.

Restorani / Restaurants
Gastronomija je nezaobilazni dio godišnjeg odmora, ali s obzirom na paprene cijene u većini restorana i činjenici da smo baš zbog toga uzeli apartman s kuhinjom, nismo zalazili u njih previše. Prvu večer smo zbog viška umora i manjka volje otišli u Pizzeriu Charlie gdje je dečko pojeo solidnu mješanu pizzu iz krušne peći, a ja ne baš tako bogatu paštu. Cijene su veće nego što smo navikli u Zagrebu. Još smo se odlučili počastiti jednu večer u ribljem restoranu a najpopularniji su bili restorani Bako, Barba i Jastožera, locirani uz obalu, svi jedni pored drugog. :D Za malo jeftiniju večeru možete se zaputiti u Konobu Robinzon koja zbilja ima pristupačnije cijene, a preporučila nam ga je lokalna tetica. Inače su izgleda na Visu jako popularni jastozi, velika je pomama za njima, a navodno ih ima jako malo.
Gastronomy is an unavoidable part of any holiday, but because of the spicy prices in most of the restaurants, we mostly stuck to our little kitchen in the apartment. The first evening we were very tired to we visited Pizzeria Charlie, where my bf had a solid pizza and I had a not so impressive pasta. Prices were a bit higher than what we are used to in Zagreb. We wanted to treat ourselves to a fish dinner in a restaurant one evening and most popular restaurants were Bako, Barba and Jastožera which are located on the coast, all next to each other. For a little cheaper dinner you can go to Konoba Robinzon where prices are more affordable. It was recommended to us by a local auntie. Also, lobsters are apparently very popular on Vis, there is a big demand for them and not a lot of them around.
Cijene u malim dućanima su u mjestima tipa Komiža skuplje (npr. 24 kn kila limuna), ali postoji Tommy Maximarket na brzoj cesti između Visa i Komiže i tamo se mogu nabaviti namirnice po normalnim cijenama. Ako želite nešto nabrzaka pojesti, postoji nekoliko pekara Kolderaj na otoku i svi imaju bogatu ponudu peciva, što lisnatih, što dizanih tijesta. Tamo možete probati i Komišku pogaču koja je specifična dakako za Komižu.
Prices in small stores in places like Komiža are a bit higher (e.g. 1 kg of lemon is 24HRK=3.20EUR), but there is Tommy Maximarket on the fast road between Vis and Komiža where you can buy stuff for normal prices. If you want a quick bite to eat, there are few bakeries called Kolderaj on the island and they have a rich offer of pastries and bread. You can also try Komižian pie there, which is, of course, specific for Komiža.

Ostalo / Miscellaneous
Ne znam ni sama što bih još napisala. Imala sam jako pozitivna iskustva na Visu. Ljudi su dragi, uvijek voljni odgovoriti turistima na pitanja, pokazati pravi smjer i dati generalni savjet. Sigurna sam da će svaka osoba na Visu naći nešto što će ju oduševiti. Bilo to skrivene i teško pristupljive plaže koje nude mir i tišinu, prirodne ljepote, povijest i rustikalnost otoka ili raznolikost izleta i atrakcija. Čak će i ljubitelji vina moći uživati jer unutrašnost otoka ima bogate vinograde. Ako vam je odlazak autom preskup, iznajmite skutere kako bi mogli vidjeti baš sve. Pazite se skupih restorana i morskih ježeva koji ima zaista jako puno. Posjetite Vis, nećete požaliti. 💙
I don't even know what else should I mention. I had very positive experiences in Vis. People are kind, always ready to answer tourist questions, show the right way or give a piece of general advice. I'm sure every person will find something in Vis that will simply amaze them. If it's the hidden and harder to approach beaches that offer peace and silence, natural beauties, history and rustic ambience the island offers or diversity of trips and attractions. Even wine lovers will be able to enjoy themselves because the island is filled with vineyards. If a trip by car is a bit too pricey, rent a scooter so you could visit and see everything. Tread lightly around expensive restaurants and sea urchins since there are a lot of them. Visit Vis - you won't regret it. 💙
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Are you actually mentally handicapped? You picked a random date range, long after the time I was talking about. In most places, DUI became a serious offense somewhere in the late 80s to 90s. In the time since, fatalities due to drunk drivers have been reduced about 50%
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2018.10.24 19:40 Zyvik123 Deciphering the names.

I noticed today that I accidentally deleted my previous "Deciphering the names" thread, so I'm reposting it, while also adding some new names to make it less redundant.
Geralt: From Germanic elements gar, ger, ‘spear’ +wald, walt, ‘rule’ or ‘wield’; thus, ‘spear-wielder’, a good, solid name for a warrior.
Vesemir: possibly Germanic-Slavic, composed of an initial element meaning ‘warrior’ or ‘war’, + meri, or mar, meaning ‘famous’ or ‘renowned’.
Eskel: Scandinavian, from Old Norse, ass (which becomes es-, as- or os- in names), ‘divine’, or ‘godly’ + ketill, a sacrificial cauldron, or ‘kettle’; thus, ‘godly sacrifice’, or ‘divine offering’.
Lambert: Germanic, land (meaning same) + beorht, or bert, ‘bright’, ‘brilliant’, or ‘famous’; thus, ‘land-bright’, or ‘widely renowned’.
Coen: Dutch for 'bold advisor'.
Brehen: derived from the Gaelic 'Mac an Bhreitheamhnaigh', meaning 'son of the judge'.
Yennefer: Variant of Jennifer, from Guinevere, Old French, from Welsh Gwenhwyfar: gwen, ‘white’, +hwyfar, ‘smooth’, ‘soft’, ‘holy’, or ‘fair’ (beautiful); certainly a reference to the Arthurian myth.
Philippa Eilhart: Feminine form of Philip, from Greek philippos, from verb philein, ‘to love’ + hippos, ‘horse’ – ‘horse-lover’. No apparent literal intention in use, although it is a generic name of power, dating to Ancient Greek times. Amusingly, although unlikely, Eilhart may be a play on the German word Eule, owl + hart (hard), 'strong, hardy.'
Sheala de Tancarville: Sheala - derived from Sanskrit 'Shila' meaning 'conduct, disposition, character' or from Latin Cecilia, which is a feminine form of the Roman clan name Caelius, meaning heavenly, or of the heavens. Tancarville: a commune in France, translates to 'Tancred's farm.' Tancred: Germanic thank, 'thought' + rad ,'counsel, advice'. Also the name of the Kovirian prince.
Margarita Laux-Antille: Margarita - derived from Persian 'Morvared' meaninn 'pearl' or 'cluster of blossoms'. The flower 'Daisy' is called Margarita in Spanish, Greek and other languages. Laux might be a form of Lucas wich means 'a patient person'. Antille is the name of the islands in the Caribbean Sea.
Sabrina Glevissig: Sabrina - Latinized form of Habren, the original Welsh name of the River Severn. According to Geoffrey of Monmouth (one of the major figures in the development of British historiography and the popularity of tales of King Arthur), Sabrina was the name of a princess who was drowned in the Severn. Supposedly the river was named for her, but it is more likely that her name was actually derived from that of the river, which is of unknown meaning. Might be a reference to "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" wich popularised it as a witch name. Glevissig (Glywising) was, from the sub-Roman period to the Early Middle Ages, a kingdom in south-east Wales. It appears in the Arthurian legend.
Triss Merigold: Triss - derived from the Latin beatrix (she who makes happy, she who brings happiness), which is from beātus (happy, blessed). Or it may be related to the Latin tristis, 'sad, unhappy'. There are a number of superstitions connected with the marigold flower. The most interesting of these is its association with unrequited love, pain, sorrow, and misfortune.
Keira Metz: Likely from Celtic Kieran, from Ciaran, a diminutive form of a Gaelic word for black, thus, ‘Blacky’. Metz could be from German Metze, a complex, but now obscure term for a ‘strumpet’ or ‘harlot’. Also a city in France.
Assire var Anahid: Assire - might be a derivative of assay, a French word which as assayer, described an early chemist, one responsible for establishing the purity of metals, and specifically gold and silver. Anahid is an Avestan (an ancient Persian language) name that means 'pure', 'unblemished'. Anahid is a goddess of fertility and healing, wisdom and water in Armenian mythology.
Fringilla Vigo: Fringilla is Latin for a 'songbird', or 'chaffinch'. Vigo may be Germanic (wig, vig) for 'warrior', or 'war'. It could also be a reference to Vigo, town in Galicia, Spain (a region known for its production of white wine).
Artorius Vigo: according to the linguist Stephan Zimmer, it is possible that Artorius has a Celtic origin, being a Latinization of the hypothetical name *Artorījos, derived from the patronym *Arto-rīg-ios, meaning 'Son of the BeaWarrior-King'.
Tissaia de Vries: Couldn't find anything on 'Tissaia', but 'De Vries' is one of the most common Dutch surnames. It indicates a geographical origin: 'Vriesland' is an old spelling of the Dutch province of Friesland. Hence, 'de Vries' means 'the Frisian'.
Marti Sodergren: Marti - in Latin 'warlike' or 'warrior of Mars'. Probably used ironically, since Marti was a healer, not a warrior. Södergren is a Swedish ornamental surname, which means 'south branch', from the element ssöder ('south') and gren ('branch').
Lydia van Bredevoort: Lydia - derives from the Greek Λυδία, Ludía, from λυδία (ludludía 'beautiful one', 'noble one'). Bredevoort is a city in Netherlands.
Astrid Lyttneyd Ásgeirrfinnbjornsdottir (Coral): Astrid - a Scandinavian name. meaning 'godly strength'. Derived from Germanic compounds meaning divine strength, or divine beauty. Astrid has been used by Norway's royal families for hundreds of years. Lita - Norwegian liten, lita = 'little'. If we break apart her surname we get: Asgeir - Danish for 'spear of God', Finn - derived from Irish, meaning "white" or "fair", Bjorn - Germanic for 'bear', Dottir - Icelandic for 'daughter'.
Biruta Icarti: Biruta or Birutė is a Latvian and Lithuanian feminine given name, which means 'snow', derived from the Lithuanian word byrančiu.
Condwiramurs Tilly: Condwiramurs is a wife of Percival from Arthurian myth. Tilly is a name of German origin meaning 'battle-mighty'. Tilly is also the name of a small castle in Belguim.
Nimue verch Wledyr ap Gwyn: The name is believed to come from the Greek 'mneme' (μνήμη), which means memory. Her name can be translated from Welsh language as 'Nimue, daughter of Wledyr, son of Gwyn'. There is interesting fact, Gwyn ap Nudd is the King of the Wild Hunt in Welsh mythology. Technically, this format doesn't follow traditional Welsh: 'verch' is only used for daughters while 'ap' for sons, such that it should be 'Nimue verch Wledyr' without the 'ap Gwyn'. In Arthurian legends this is the name of a sorceress, also known as the Lady of the Lake, Vivien, or Niniane.
Tiziana Frevi: has its origins in the Latin language. It is used largely in German and Italian. The meaning of Tiziana is 'honored'. It is derived from the word titulus with the meaning 'title of honor'.
Val (Istredd's real name): in Old English 'strong', 'brave', 'valiant'.
Rience: Rience of Wales - one of King Arthur's enemies.
Cregennan: a lake in Wales.
Artaud Terranova: Artaud - a french name of unknown origin. Terranova - from Latin 'terra' + 'nova' = 'new earth'.
Zavist: Russian for 'envy'.
Gorazd: derives from the Slavic 'gora (Гора)', meaning 'the man from the mountains, highlander, experienced, skilful'.
Ortolan: a bird in the bunting family Emberizidae.
Sorel Degerlund: Sorel - a male fallow deer in the third year. Degerlund - a Swedish surname of unknown origin.
Geoffrey Monck: the Old Frankish name Godefrid itself is from the Germanic elements god- and frid-. The Middle Latin form is Godefridus (whence also Godfrey). The second element is widely used in Germanic names, and has a meaning of 'peace, protection'. Monck - probably from Late Latin monachus 'monk,' originally 'religious hermit,' from Ecclesiastical Greek monakhos 'monk,' noun use of a classical Greek adjective meaning 'solitary,' from monos 'alone'.
Emhyr var Emreis: almost certainly from Welsh Emyr, ‘ruler, king, lord’, and Emrys, a Welsh form of the Latin name Ambrose, from Greek ambrosios, ‘immortal’ (as in ambrosia, the food of the gods). Emrys is also one of the names of the legendary wizard Merlin.
Calanthe: in Greek 'beautiful flower'.
Pavetta: a genus of tropical Old World shrubs (family Rubiaceae).
Cirilla (Ciri): Probably linked to Cyrille, from Cyril, from Greek kyrillos, from kyrius, ‘lord’, thus Ciri’s name could mean ‘lady’, which is quite fitting, given her title.
Demavend: a volcano in Iran. Also a mountain for the witches' sabbaths in Arabia.
Meve: likely derived from Mebd, the semi-divine queen of Connacht, who figures prominently in the mediaeval Irish epic, The Táin ('The Cattle Raid of Cooley'). Her name appears to mean 'intoxicator', or 'the one who makes drunk', similar to English mead. In The Táin, Mebd is a powerful, if rather ruthless, queen, and war-leader. Her figure there is possibly a remnant of a pre-Christian, Celtic sovereign goddess.
Adda: in Welsh 'of the red earth'.
Radovid: Croatian for 'delight to see'.
Agloval: prince Agloval is a character from the Arthurian legend.
Esterad: the name of Arabic origin, meaning 'import'.
Zuleyka: also Arabic, meaning 'fair. brilliant and lovely'.
Ida Emean: a name occurring independently in several cultures. In Germany, Ida is a female name derived from a Germanic word id, meaning 'labor, work'. Alternately, it may be related to the name of the Old Norse goddess Iðunn. Ida also occurs as an anglicisation of the Irish girl's given name Íde. Not sure about Emean. Amen? It means 'truth', so it's kinda fitting for a Sage.
Enid an Gleanna (Francesca Findabair): Enid is a name of Welsh origin meaning 'life, spirit'. Gleanna - derived from the Gaelic 'gleana', meaning valley, or from the glen. Francesca is of Italian origin meaning 'from France' or 'free one'. Findabair is the daughter of Queen Meadbh in Irish mythology. She was considered to be the most beautiful woman in Ireland. The meaning of the name is 'white phantom' in Welsh.
Dana Meadbh: Dana means 'knowledgeable" in Persian, 'the most perfectly sized, valuable and beautiful pearl' in Arabic, 'arbiter' or 'God is my judge' in Hebrew, 'generosity' in Sanskrit. Meadhbh is queen of Connacht in the Ulster Cycle of Irish mythology.
Lara Dorren: Lara - in Greek 'cheerful', 'happy'; variant of Larissa, Laura, and Laraine. Latin: 'famous', 'shining'; Lara was a mythological Roman nymph who betrayed the love affair of Jupiter and Juturna, and was struck speechless as a result. Dorren - possibly 'gift' from Greek doron.
Avallac'h: Welsh for Avalon.
Auberon: Related to the name Oberon (see Shakespeare, who, in turn lifted the name from a late mediaeval French heroic romance), ultimately believed to derive from Germanic, alb, ‘elf’, + ric, ‘power, etc.’ Also found as Albrich (a name used for one the Nilfgaardian mages).
Iorveth (Iorweth): Likely from Welsh Iorwerth; ior, ‘lord’ + a modified form of berth, ‘handsome’. Also a character in the Arthurian legend.
Isengrim: of Anglo-Saxon origin and comes from isen meaning 'iron' and grim meaning 'fierce'. Hence the Iron Wolf.
The Hansa:
Julian Alfred Pankratz: Julian - Latin origin meaning 'youthful, downy'. Alfred - Ælfræd in Old English, composed of the elements ælf 'elf' and ræd 'counsel'. Quite neat, since he sometimes gets mistaken for an elf and is also Geralt's main counsel-giver. Pankratz - from the medieval personal name Pankratz, the vernacular form of Latin Pancratius (Greek Pankratios, from pankrates 'all-in wrestler', from pan 'all', 'every' + kratein 'to conquer, subdue'.
Maria 'Milva' Barring: Maria - Latin form of Mary, which is derived from the Hebrew Miryām, a name of debated meaning. Many believe it to mean 'sea of bitterness" or "sea of sorrow.' However, some sources cite the alternative definitions of 'rebellion,' 'wished-for child,' and 'mistress or lady of the sea.' Barring - late 14c., 'act of fastening with a bar.' Milva - a combination of 'Maria' and 'Ilva' (iron).
Cahir Mawr Dyffryn aep Ceallach: Cahir - Irish for 'warrior'. Mawr - Welsh for 'big'. Ceallach- Irish name of uncertain origin, traditionally said to mean 'bright-headed'. Alternatively it could be derived from Old Irish ceallach 'war, strife'.
Emiel Regis: Emiel - rom German Emil, from Latin Aemilius, a Roman family name from aemulus (rival). Regis - French, from Old Provençal, ultimately from Latin, for ‘ruler’ or ‘king’.
Angouleme: a city in France
Hjalmar: from Old Norse Hjalmarr, from hjalmr ('helmet') + herr ('army').
Sigrdrifa: Old Norse for 'driver to victory'.
Freya: the Norse Goddess of earth and fertility.
Ragh nar Roog: Ragnarok is the end of the world in Norse Mythology.
Nenneke: in Kashubian 'Nenka' means 'Mother'.
Iola: a name of Greek origin meaning 'violet'.
Shani: a Welsh form (Siani, from Siân, Sean) of Jane, which is itself the feminine of John, from Hebrew, ‘God is gracious.’
Essi Daven: Essi - a Finnish name. Essi is abbreviation from Persian name Esther, which means star. Daven - a Scandinavian name, meaning 'bright'.
Sheenaz: a name mainly popular in Muslim religion and its main origin is Arabic. Its meaning is 'beauty'.
Sigismund Dijkstra: Sigismund (variants: Sigmund, Siegmund) is a German proper name, meaning 'protection through victory', from Old High German sigu 'victory" + munt 'hand, protection'. Dijkstra is a Dutch family name of West Frisian origin. It most commonly refers to: Edsger W. Dijkstra (1930–2002), Dutch computer scientist.
Ori Reuven: Ori - a Hebrew given name, for males and females which means 'my light'. Reuven - appears to derive from the given name of biblical times 'Reuven', meaning 'behold my son', but it may equally share roots with the German word 'rubin' meaning the ruby, and a derivative of the Latin 'rubeus' - red.
Zoltan Chivay: Hungarian origin, possibly from Turkic title ‘sultan’, from Arabic, ‘power’, ‘ruler’, or ‘king’. Chivay is a town in the Colca valley, capital of the Caylloma province in the Arequipa region, Peru.
Mistle: possibly from 'mistletoe'.
Iskra: Russian for 'spark'.
Eithne: a name of Irish origin. The meaning is 'kernel' or 'grain'.
Torque: from Latin torquere 'to twist, turn, turn about, twist awry, distort, torture.'
Kelpie: the Scots name given to a shape-shifting water spirit inhabiting the pools of Scotland.
Gwent: a medieval Welsh kingdom.
Aretuza: In Greek Mythology Arethusa was a nymph and daughter of Nereus (making her a Nereid). It's a neat coincidence that Margarita's (the headmistress of Aretuza) figure was described as superior to the statues of nymphs.
Garstang: possibly signifying the site of a meeting-space. The Old Norse derivation being 'geiri', a gore, from 'geirr', with 'stang' or 'stong', meaning 'pole' or 'boundary marker'.
Rivia: the Rivia (Hebrew: רְבִיעַ‬, also sometimes called Rivi'i, with other variant English spellings) is a cantillation mark commonly found in the Torah, Haftarah, and other biblical texts.
Brugge: a city in Belgium.
Maribor: a city in Slovenia.
Novigrad: a city in Croatia.
Verden: a city in France.
Cintra: Sintra is a city in Portugal.
Oxenfurt: an obvious reference to Oxford.
Cidaris: a genus of pencil sea urchins.
Ard Carraigh: Ard - from Old French, from German -hard ‘hard, hardy’. Carraigh - might be from Scottish Gaelic carragh 'rock'.
Rinde - Old English rinde 'bark, crust,' later 'peel of a fruit or vegetable'.
Roggeveen: 'rye field' in Dutch.
Poviss: Powys was a small Welsh kingdom.
Creyden: possibly derived from Crayden, wich means 'gift of God' in Old English.
Lan Exeter: Exete - Old English Exanceaster, Escanceaster, from Latin Isca (c.150), from Celtic river name Exe 'the water' + Old English ceaster 'Roman town'.
Pont Vanice: Pont - 'bridge; in french. Vanice - probably derived from Venice.
Attre: a village in France.
Toussaint: a commune in France.
Beauclair: another commune in France.
Brokilon: most likely inspired by Broceliande, an enchated forest, wich appears in the Arthurian legend.
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